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Introduction to PADS

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Emerald Systems provides training classes to cater to the needs of MNCs, design houses, educational, institutions or to any party interested in IC Design. The industry-standard training classes are conducted by design engineers with many years of design experience.

Most of our training customers are from the industry, whereby we conduct custom-tailored training to meet the specific needs and requirements of the industry. We provide both private (where participants are only from the respective MNC or design house) and public training (where participation is open to all). Among the training courses that we provide are:



Digital/ASIC Design Methodology Overview
2 Days
Introduction to Verilog3 DaysNone
Introduction to VHDL
3 DaysNone
Training on HDL Desginer Series for Graphical Design
2 DaysNone
Training on Modelsim
2 DaysKnowledge on VHDL/Verilog
Design for Fabrication Methodology Flow From Design to Fabrication1 DayNone
Intermediate Verilog Coding
4 DaysBasic Verilog
Intermediate VHDL Coding
4 DaysBasic VHDL
Training on Synthesis
4 DaysBadiv knowledge on VHDL/Verilog, design
Analog desig: hierarchical design, testbenching, SDL, back annotation, parasitics, timing, floorplanning, spice corners, power/area/speed 4 DaysBasic knowledge on spice
Mixed signal design: schematic -> HDL code -> shcematic Merging digital and analog flows
4 DaysBasic knowledge on spice, Verilog/VHDL
Overview of Analo/Mixed Signal Design Flow, basic analog flow, fronted flow, backend flow, technology, process, rule files. 4 DaysBasic knowledge on spice
Intensive IC VLSI layout training: Process, layout editing, LVS, DRC
6 Days
Basic knowledge on design and semiconductor physics
Intensive IC VLSI layout training on SDL 5 Days
Basic knowledge on design and semiconductor physics
 FPGA Implementatio: Synthesis and Verification of Design Implemented on FPGA 2 DaysBasic knowledge on VHDL/Verilog
Static Timing Analysis and Formal Verification
2 Days
Basic design knowledge
Deep submicron design
1 Day
Basic knowledge on design and semiconductor physics
Architecture of Microprocessors
1 Day
Advanced Behavioral Verilog Coding
3 Days
Basic knowledge on Verilog

In addition to the above classes, we also provide training and consultation in ASIC and mixed-signal design. Companies can enhance their design flow / methodology through our consultation services, then engage us to conduct customized classes for their engineers. Combined, both the consultation and training deliver an excellent package whereby a company acquires both the method and skill to execute a better design flow.

Emerald Systems also provides training in collaboration with several other insitutions.

Note: Expenses for training provided under PSDC is claimable under HRDF.