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Introduction to PADS

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Design Service

  • Front-end design for custom, ASIC, mixed-signal or FPGA implementation.
  • Develop / enhance IC design methodology.
  • VHDL/Verilog design coding, synthesis and optimization.
  • Application specific system level solution design and development.
  • IP cores.
  • PCB design services.
  • PCB layout services.
  • Technical training: IC / PCB design, VHDL, Verilog, EDA tools etc.

Emerald System provides design services and design consultation to worldwide multi-national corporations, design centers and academic institutions, while also embarking on R&D to create value added technological products, namely IP and System Level Solutions that are not only cost effective but offer better performance and lower power consumption.

Emerald offers design services to customers looking for digital, analog or mixed signal design solutions. We study the customers’ design specification and requirements, propose an architectural and micro-architectural solutions to customers, and finally deliver the fully qualified design solutions to our customers.


Our design services include:

  • Architectural development to determine the best architecture to meet customer’s requirements
  • Micro-architectural development to create the most optimal design solution for high speed, small area and low power.
  • IP design for customers based upon customer requirement (performance requirement, power consumption requirement and silicon area requirement)
  • RTL and synthesis tweaks on an existing customer’s design to push for maximum performance, minimum area and power consumption
  • Complete testbench coding and verification to ensure thorough design verification. Methodology on verification includes verilog / VHDL testbenching, formal verification and gate level simulation.
  • Static and dynamic timing analysis to ensure customer’s design can achieve the required speed and performance. If the design does not meet the required specification, make design tweaks to ensure customer’s design is able to achieve the required specification.
  • VLSI Physical layout services (physical layout and physical verification (LVS, DRC, ERC)

Our design consultation include:

  • Provide consultation advice to customer on enhancing their existing design flow (digital / analog / mixed signal) for optimal performance
  • Aid the customer to combine their analog flow with digital flow to create a seamless integration for mixed signal design
  • Provide consultation on industry’s best-known methods for designing digital circuits with Verilog / VHDL.
  • Tweak customer’s design to achieve performance requirement, low power consumption and small area utilization - this is achieved through tweaking customers RTL code and synthesis